Knopf Dulcimers

Historic reproductions of Kentucky,
 Tennessee and Virginia dulcimers
...and other handcrafted delights.

Ed Thomas Dulcimer Replica

John Knopf produces delightfully accurate reproductions of 'Uncle Ed's' early dulcimers. 

I have one in poplar wood with a black painted 'tobacco barn' finish that John rubbed down and aged. The craftsmanship is excellent; the dulcimer is very light, resonant and simply constructed using hand tools, just like the originals. And the result is a highly tactile instrument with the 'Holy Grail' of shimmering dulcimer voices. Strung with music wire and played with a noter and a quill this little dulcimer really rings out and dances along to the rhythms of Appalachian tunes.                                                                                Robin C., Wales

Melton-Style Galax Dulcimer Replica
WHAT A BEAUTY!!!  The grain pattern doesn't show well on the picture -- it is marvelous.   The sound is more mature than I expected, not the high tinny sound of new wood.  I'm getting older and don't have time for the sound to mature, so this is a pleasant surprise. The sustain is good, and 4 equidistant .009" strings give it that great, ole timey traditional sound.  I'm glad we used the Galax (double) bottom -- it has just the right volume to not get lost in a 4-piece group. Overall, I'm very pleased and excited with my "new girlfriend".  ...You will always be my first choice to go to for my concept custom dulcimer.            Ed S., Lewes, DE